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You Would Be Surprised To Know

That most people will never acquire the money they need. Less than 5% of those that retire will be able to live the life they lived while they were working.

That most people have a fortune under their mattress and money in cans in the backyard they cannot find.

You would be surprised to know that there are three basic kinds of people:

1. Those that make things happen.
2. Those that watch things happen.
3. Those that wonder what happened.

It is not what people do not know.
It is what people know that just ain't so.
(Will Rogers)

We are looking for distributors that can be trained to help people understand the importance of water. Yes, water. Why? Well because water is the single most important ingredient to sustaining a healthy  life style.

We have all be hoodwinked and buffaloed for years, in more ways than one. But water is so important that we need to know the difference between bottled water, city water, river water, well water, and other kinds of distilled water, reverse osmosis water, filtered water, and any other kind of processed water.

You would be surprised to know that there is just 1% of available water to drink on this earth. Yes, just (1%) one percent. Where do you think the largest reservoir of water is in north America? The Great Lakes.

Where in the globe is water considered the best of the best of water?  Nadana India (Ganges River), Dusseldorf Germany, Lourdes France, and Tlcaote Mexico.

Enagic USA, Inc. is now in 43 countries and we opened the Monterrey Mexico office in April 2009. Join us in Mexico for the most exciting opening for our Kangen Water Project.



Our Kangen Water Project provides to you an option not offered by other businesses. We want you to drink Kangen Water. Therefore, when you qualify we send a Kangen Water Generator to your home or business. Your payments are paid by your referrals. In fact, the cost of bottled water being 40 cents to a few dollars for 16 ounces, the Kangen Water Generator is just 7 cents a bottle. The most economical way of drinking water and more importantly, you become healthier than you have ever been.

Do you have or do you know anyone with these medical problems?

High Cholesteral?
Athletic Joint Pain?
Colon Cleanse?
Over Weight?
High Blood Pressure?

We cannot claim that Kangen Water will cure or treat any of these. However, there is a large body of evidence to support the idea that a body with a correct alkaline/acid balance is better equipped to fight off just about any medical condition. There is also much evidence supporting the continued use of drinking Kangen Water hydrates the body with proper kinds of antioxidants.

In general, our bodies are too acidic and we do not get enough antioxidants. Our diets are not what they should be. Even "so called" healthy foods do not contain the amount of nutrients they should. What can we do? One approach is to eat large amounts of raw, or nearly raw, fruits and vegetables and gets lots of exercise. This is not always possible or convient.

We recommend that you:

Simply Change Your Drinking Water

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